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Beware of HGV Internet Brokers

What follows are stories, questions and answers on how brokers deal with their customers – you. Having read these you may want to carefully consider whether using a broker is right for you or not

Clearstone were probably the first LGV training broker. They went bust leaving unpaid bills to LGV training companies AND dozens of LGV candidates with no money – and no training. Some candidates lost over £4,500 for training they never received and with Clearstones debts being so high, the candidates got nothing back

Brokers encourage you to pay for everything “up front” by Credit Card or on Finance. That means while you are struggling to pay the Credit Card bill and interest or the finance charges, your money is in the brokers bank account. The broker pays the training company up to 30 days AFTER you have had your training, that could be some SIX months after you paid the broker ! The HGV Training Fact File team know of one candidate who paid £3,500 for training in April and by October had just completed his Theory Tests ! And what happens if they go bust after you have paid and before you are trained ?

Why do brokers ask for money “up front” ? The reason could be to “lock you in”. Once you have paid them in full, they can mess you about as much as they like because your only option is to put up with them. If you walk away, they keep your money – read the small print !

Why do brokers want you to pay everything in one go ? Maybe it is to disguise possible overcharges. Due to the complexities of the law, some people need more training than others. If the broker offers you a “package” price without breaking down the individual items, how do you know you are not being charged for training that you don’t need – and you don’t get. Another reason may be that they know you will be unhappy with their services to you, so they had better get all the money they can off you at the beginning because you wouldn’t go back later and pay for something else !

Are you being offered Pass Protection ? A payment to give you FREE re-tests. Nothing is FREE. The salesman is working on your fear of failing, so you pay extra. The salesman also knows that he is going to send you to a training company with a high first time pass rate. If you pass first time, the broker pockets your Pass Protection money and the salesman gets a commission

Are you being offered Collision Damage Waiver ? Brokers are now offering this on the grounds that if you damage the training vehicle, you won’t have to pay for the damage. Again, this money goes direct to the broker and the salesman gets commission. Training vehicles are insured fully comprehensive and have the lowest accident statistics of any group of vehicles. You are NOT going to have an accident because you are being accompanied at all times by a highly skilled instructor.

Can you ask questions ? Many brokers work from “scripts”. They don’t have LGV licences, just a piece of paper. They are salesmen with sales targets. One company has a target of 10 minutes from you phoning them to them getting your Credit/Debit card number. They are not interested in YOU, they are interested in your money and how much they can sell you – whether you need it or not ! Please do NOT ask a salesman a technical question – their heads explode !

What happens if I cannot go ahead ? So you pay for everything “up front” – medical, theory, course, tests, etc. because the salesman offers you a deal. What happens if you fail the medical ? Or theory ? Or driving course. Usually, no refund. That’s it. Back to the small print ! Without wishing to upset anyone reading these pages, some of you will NEVER be capable of passing your LGV C (rigid) test. So why pay for your LGV C+E (artic) when you are NEVER going to be good enough ? The salesman doesn’t care. He’s got your money

Why pay for something when someone else might pay for you ? An odd comment but true. Many brokers will encourage candidates to pay for their LGV C+E even before they have taken their medical. But in the real world most LGV C drivers who are any good will find themselves in a company with both rigid and articulated lorries. And it won’t take long to either earn the money for your LGV C+E, or the company might even agree to put you though your LGV C+E – at their expense ! And you will have got the one thing that no one can sell you – experience

Where will I train ? Despite advertising “local” training centres, the broker will send you wherever he can get the cheapest and best training. Remember, having got Pass Protection out of you he wants you to pass first time and at the least cost to him. So he’s happy for you to travel for huge distances – at YOUR expense – passing other training companies on the way ! Some brokers offer specialised Fast Track training but miles away from where you live. Remember, you have to pay for your own travelling and accomodation and lose time off work

Who are the brokers ? Many of them use impressive websites to draw you in with fancy addresses. Yet these are faceless salesman working in small offices like call centres. One of them doesn’t even give an address for you to find them. Why? How easy is it for you to approach them with a problem and get things sorted out ?

Beware of being given the wrong information. The HGV Training Fact File team know of several brokers who have given the wrong information to candidates. Stories such as “if you fail your driving test on Friday morning you can re-take it Friday afternoon and still start your LGV C+E training the following Monday”. YOU CAN NOT LEGALLY DO THIS. So why did the salesman say it ?

By now you may have formed the opinion that LGV training is not for you. But their is an alternative.

Source – The HGV Training Fact File

A lot of training companies fail to mention that you may require Buy Viagra Professional Online Without Prescription the new Driver CPC and that your newly acquired licence could be useless without it. The Driver CPC initial can cost around £300.00 for the additional training and tests, some companies do not offer this training so when you are ringing companies for quotes please ask!

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