Powered Access Platforms (Cherry Picker)

Powered Access Platforms (Cherry Picker)



Duration : 1 Day

Responsibility for the safe operation of power operated mobile work platforms lies with occupiers, employers, mangers, supervisors, operators and others working from these appliances.

Power-operated mobile work platforms (referred to as "WP’s") are used as temporary working places giving access to localised areas above and below ground level. They may provide a more suitable alternative to ladders, scaffolding, staging, suspended skips or platforms.

WP’s are known by many different names. Some of the more popular are: "extended work platforms", "powered access platforms", "aerial work platforms", "mobile access platforms", "cherry pickers", "tower wagons", "hydraulic platforms" and "scissor lifts". The wide variety of names is indicative of the wide scope of their use and WP’s are increasingly being used in all sectors of industry and agriculture.

You should always refer to the operating manual and undertake a familiarisation course on each individual WP.

No one should work from a WP unless they have been authorised to do so. No one should be permitted to operate a WP unless they have been selected, trained and authorised to do so, or is undergoing formal training and is working under supervision.